Developing desensitization treatments to help protect people with food allergies from the potentially life-threatening consequences of accidental exposure

Aimmune is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary product candidates and advancing a therapeutic approach for the treatment of peanut and other food allergies.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of people with food allergies by developing and commercializing proprietary desensitization therapies that safely and reliably protect them against reactions from accidental exposures to food allergens.

We aim to address food allergies by providing a treatment option that goes beyond the current recommendations of avoiding exposure to food allergens and carrying epinephrine for administration in case of accidental exposure.

With our AR101 program, which builds from our Phase 2 studies and is now in Phase 3 testing, we are conducting the world’s largest rigorous examination of oral treatment for peanut allergy.

Building on OIT

Our CODIT™ approach is based on extensive independent scientific research demonstrating that patients with food allergies may become desensitized to the allergens, or proteins, in a particular food through the oral administration of gradually increasing amounts of the allergens.

In oral immunotherapy (OIT), a very small amount of an allergen is administered on a daily basis and then regularly increased until desensitization to a certain amount of the allergen has been achieved.

While studies by leading researchers have shown the effectiveness of OIT with peanuts, milk and other primary food allergens, access to the therapy remains limited.

Our CODIT™ Approach

We plan to develop and commercialize characterized biologic product candidates for use with CODIT™ (characterized oral desensitization immunotherapy), our approach to OIT. CODIT is intended to achieve meaningful levels of protection by desensitizing patients with defined, precise amounts of key allergens.

Our first application of CODIT is with AR101, an investigational biologic oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy.