Pioneering the emerging therapeutic space of oral immunotherapy for food allergies.

Leadership Team

Our team of biotech and pharmaceutical leaders is committed to improving the lives of people living with food allergies. We’re deeply experienced in every aspect of creating and delivering life-improving therapies, from research and development to commercialization to manufacturing.

picture of Andrew Oxtoby

Andrew Oxtoby

President & Chief Executive Officer

picture of Daniel C. Adelman, M.D.

Daniel C. Adelman, M.D.

Head of Research & Development

picture of Nicolas Fouché

Nicolas Fouché

Senior Vice President, Outside U.S. Pharmaceuticals

picture of Alicia Goodman

Alicia Goodman

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

picture of Fabiana Lacerca-Allen

Fabiana Lacerca-Allen

Senior Vice President, Compliance

picture of Cathy Nolan

Cathy Nolan

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Innovation

picture of Jim Pepin

Jim Pepin

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

picture of Azfar Qureshi

Azfar Qureshi

Pharma Head of Finance

picture of Narinder Singh

Narinder Singh

Head of Technical Operations

picture of Paul Spence

Paul Spence

Senior Vice President, U.S. Pharmaceuticals

picture of Mohamed Yassine, M.D.

Mohamed Yassine, M.D.

Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs

Scientific Advisory Board

Many of the world’s most renowned experts in food allergy treatment provide critical peer review and guidance to help optimize our work. Their collective insights help shape our approach to bringing transformative treatments to market that are seamlessly integrated into the clinical practices of allergists, so they can best treat the millions of patients who can benefit.