Characterized Oral Desensitization Immunotherapy (CODIT™)

Using a standardized approach to oral immunotherapy (OIT) to treat food allergies, starting with peanut allergy.

We are using an approach to food allergy treatment that works through the body’s way of building tolerance—by oral ingestion.

Research has shown that delivering food allergy treatment through the gut/gastrointestinal tract enables people to build up a level of tolerance against potential reactions due to accidental exposures.

Building on a century of OIT research, Aimmune’s investigational CODIT™ platform is now being used as a standardized approach to treat food allergies, starting with peanut allergy. CODIT™ is being developed with three key elements:

  • A standardized OIT protocol with precise oral dosing
  • GMP–grade pharmaceutical products
  • Training and education

Our unique platform involves patients ingesting controlled, increasing amounts of allergen protein. Over time, the patient’s immune system begins to tolerate larger amounts of the allergen. Those levels are then maintained with a consistent therapeutic dose.

Using our investigational CODIT™ platform and associated pharmaceutical products, we seek to help people with food allergies reduce the risk of life-threatening reactions due to accidental exposure to food allergens.

With our investigational CODIT™ platform, initial administration of a particular dose of food allergen would be done in an allergist’s office, and subsequent administrations would be done at home until the next up-dosing in the allergist’s office. After completing the dose escalation period, patients would take a daily therapeutic dose to maintain desensitization while continuing to avoid exposure to their food allergens and carrying epinephrine auto-injectors, which may reduce the fear and anxiety of accidental exposure.